NASA to reveal new findings around ocean worlds beyond Earth this week

 NASA will hold a press conference on Thursday, starting at 2 PM ET, at which it will discuss new discoveries related to ocean worlds found within our solar system. The fresh findings come from the Cassini spacecraft, which was launched in 1997 and arrived at its destination orbiting Saturn in 2004, and the Hubble Space Telescope.
The briefing includes “new discoveries” that… Read More

Only 4 days left to save $1,000 on Disrupt NY tickets

 The clock is ticking to get tickets to Disrupt NY 2017 at the lowest possible price. You have just four days left to save $1,000 by purchasing early-bird tickets to Disrupt for just $1,995 apiece, so get on over to our ticketing page to score your deeply discounted tickets before the price jumps to $2,995 after the 15th. Disrupt NY 2017 is shaping up to be one of our best shows yet.… Read More

NASA and Amazon will stream from space in 4K for the first time on April 26

 You might have a 4K television or display, but what content is really worthy of that kind of resolution? Sports? Pfft. Netflix shows? Ha. But how about space? According to people who’ve been there (who are probably best positioned to know), there’s nothing quite like the view from outside the Earth’s atmosphere, so it might finally make a fitting subject for your… Read More

IFTTT highlights ‘Applets’ that help publishers stay connected with readers

IFTTT - News IFTTT is best known as a platform for automating some of the tasks performed by smart devices around the home, but the company’s also been working with news organizations like The New York Times and Quartz. To highlight that work, IFTTT has launched a new collection of “Applets for News.” Read More

Uber launches a new patent purchase program to help grow its IP library

 Uber has launched a new patent purchase program, called UP3, which will seek to expedite the process of purchasing patents with an open application windows opening April 24, 2017 and closing May 23, 2017. The idea is to get patent holders to propose a simple price they’re willing to take for their patents, which Uber can then take or leave, as a means to sidestep the often long and… Read More

Facebook Messenger now supports group payments

 Facebook introduced person-to-person payments within Messenger in early 2015, but today the company announced the feature is expanding to support groups, as well. The payments feature essentially works the same in group chats as in private ones, but now allows users to pay either everyone in the group or individual members through a click of the payments icon (the dollar sign). The payments… Read More

The dream of the ’90s is alive in the Pasted photo collage app

 Launching out of beta today on iOS, Pasted is a throwback to simpler times — when making a collage meant picking up a pair of scissors. It’s an appeal to Gen Xers put off by the overly complicated world of photo apps — or just searching for some inspiration through nostalgia. Read More

Bext360 is using robots and the blockchain to pay coffee farmers fairly

 Coffee is the world’s second-most-traded commodity, after petroleum. Some 125 million people make a living growing coffee. Most are smallholders, or small-scale farmers whose families live on less than $2 a day. Now, a Denver-based startup called Bext Holdings Inc. wants to make it easier for these farmers to get a fair price, and get paid instantly, for their beans. Read More

FretLink raises $6.4 million to make trucks run like clockwork

 Don’t you love it when there’s a fragmented market with many different actors and outdated tech products? French startup FretLink is using all the tips in the startup handbook and applying them to a neglected industry: trucking. FretLink is a software-as-a-service marketplace connecting companies that need to send big piles of stuff with thousands of transportation companies. Read More

At under $60, Misfit’s Flare trims all the fat and many of the features from fitness tracking

 Misfit’s new fitness tracker comes in at less than $60. The Flare is a device completely devoid of all bells and whistles for the sake of offering users simple tracking functionality without losing an arm and leg in the process. Read More